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FIFA 14 January upgrades with Januzaj, Suarez

2/13/2014 3:23:04 AM

It is an exciting time to be a FIFA 14 fan at the moment. With the Barclay's Premier League January Transfer Window now live, FIFA 14 players are very excited to see which players EA will choose as part of their annual FIFA 14 January upgrades system. We have seen the developer upgrade certain players in January based on their form at the start of the season, and it goes without saying that there are plenty of players who deserve the same treatment in the weeks to come on FIFA 14. One of these players is Ross Barkley, who has had a breakthrough season for Everton FC so far. A video we have highlighted below explains why this needs to happen, also providing us with a prediction that EA may upgrade his stats card to an overall 77 from 72 – would you agree with this one or not? One choice that we think most football fans will agree with in general, is a FIFA 14 January upgrade for Manchester United’s Januzaj. At the moment he has an FIFA 14 rating of just 61, but little did everyone know that he would go on to have such a blistering start for Manchester United. An upgrade to an 71 card with specific upgrade to 81 dribbling ability may make Manchester United fans a lot more happier when playing FIFA 14 after the January Transfer update. Finally, we have man of the moment Luis Suarez who appears to be the enemy of most at the moment. His reputation has come before his form on many occasions, but class is permanent as we've seen during his games for Liverpool FC so far. Luis Suarez has a 86 FIFA 14 rating at the moment and if EA were to make some upgrades to him after the January update – would an 88 rating be a fair adjustment to his form this season?



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