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Ffxiv Gil

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JP-Masamune (LEGACY)

  • 2000K FFXIV GIL $3.39
  • 3000K FFXIV GIL $5.09
  • 4000K FFXIV GIL $6.79
  • 5000K FFXIV GIL $8.48
  • 6000K FFXIV GIL $10.17
  • 7000K FFXIV GIL $11.85
  • 8000K FFXIV GIL $13.55
  • 9000K FFXIV GIL $15.23
  • 10000K FFXIV GIL $16.91
  • 15000K FFXIV GIL $25.33
  • 20000K FFXIV GIL $33.74
  • 25000K FFXIV GIL $42.14
  • 30000K FFXIV GIL $50.56
  • 35000K FFXIV GIL $58.87
  • 40000K FFXIV GIL Special Offer 3% OFF $65.92
  • 45000K FFXIV GIL $75.31
  • 50000K FFXIV GIL Special Offer 4% OFF $81.55
  • 60000K FFXIV GIL $100.41
  • 70000K FFXIV GIL $117.15
  • 80000K FFXIV GIL $133.2
  • 100000K FFXIV GIL Special Offer 5% OFF $161.41
  • 120000K FFXIV GIL $197.76
  • 150000K FFXIV GIL $244.66
  • 200000K FFXIV GIL $322.81