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ew Patch to Feature Chocobo Mounts & Airships

The latest edition of the Final Fantasy XIV Producer's Letter has hit the official site. The letter contains the usual (and impressive) list of changes being implemented in the patch as well as the interesting news that both chocobo mounts and airships will be making their debut as "fast travel" options.

Sorry for the long wait, but they're finally coming to Eorzea in 1.19, together with chocobo mounts, to help make traveling around the realm more enjoyable. Ride a "horsebird" to get wherever you need to go by land, or book passage on an airship to fly the quickest routes between Ul'dah, Gridania, and Limsa. ffxi gil. Airship voyages themselves will take only mere seconds, though there will be sweet little cutscenes accompanying departures and arrivals.