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Eorzea Preview

Now that Final Fantasy XIV has officially launched,'solyn Koh has a first hand preview of Eorzea. In this comprehensive look at the new game world, Carolyn covers basic information about races, classes, the armory system, combat, harvesting, crafting, questing, travel and something called "old school gameplay". Check out Carolyn's impressions of her first day in her Eorzea preview.

The realm of Eorzea is a vast land comprising Aldernard and its outlying islands, and it is a land divided, with wars waged in the names of the gods and goddesses. Although an uneasy peace now holds most of the land, the pantheon of the Twelve is worshipped devoutly by most and memories are long. cheap ffxiv gil. Three strong cities have risen; the thalassocracy of Limsa Lominsa, a marine city-state made up of tiny islands connected by sturdy bridges, the forest nation of Gridania with its dense woodlands and labyrinthine waterways, and the bustling commercial sultanate of Ul'dah with its towering fortifications. You, young adventurer, what will you do? Which city will you call home? Will you explore in peace or will you wage war in the name of your god?