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New Roadmap Details Significant Changes Incoming

Square Enix President and CEO, Yoichi Wada has written an overview for a comprehensive series of articles detailing the future of Final Fantasy XIV. The downloadable articles feature a peek ahead at art, system and content changes coming down the road in the next year as well as solidifies the team's determination to see the PS3 version of the game go live, with combined service being the hallmark of 2.0 in late 2012.

Wada discusses several topics of interest to FFXIV fans and players:

    The PS3 version is still on the table and will be realized before the end of 2012 while the team is simultaneously "rebuilding while continuing current operations. Final Fantasy XIV gil. The team will be implementing regular patches and updates.
    Repetitive maps will be overhauled, a new graphics engine will be put in place, the UI will be reworked and a new server system will be installed.
    The team will be actively working to rebuild the FFXIV community.

Significantly, the first document details the changes and achievements that the team has made over the past year. It's an impressive look back.

Wada also reveals Square Enix's plan to end the "unbilled period" in November and that the paid subscription revenue model will return. Following the results of the development and operations teams' efforts, together with the release of the overall plans for the game's future, we will bring the unbilled period to a close between late November and early December of 2011, and thereafter introduce our subscription-based billing system. Further details will be sent to the email address players submitted at the time of their FINAL FANTASY XIV account registration, and will also be posted on the Lodestone at a future date.
There is an INCREDIBLE amount of information provided by the FFXIV team. Fans of the title will definitely want to check out all of the material presented by Wada as well as the October Producer's Letter to find out what exactly the team has in mind and how significantly the game has changed and will continue to change over the next year.