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Pokemon GO: Incognito And Kangaskhan In Selected Cities

This weekend, Incognito and Kangaskhan will appear in Pokemon GO in Germany! We'll show you where this happens.



Strong news for the Pokemon GO trainers: This weekend, unusual Pokemon will appear in Europe. Niantic means rare Pokemon like Kangaskhan! This event should be active for a few days and reward you with the rare monsters. We will show you when and where you can meet them.


On the blog of Niantic the developers now announced that we are already expecting a special event this weekend. Some Pokemon, which were rarely seen in Europe, will appear in selected cities this weekend. The monsters include Kangaskhan and Incognito.



This event is expected to last until 21 August, according to the announcement. It is possible that the end date is not quite fixed yet. In addition, at the local Unibail-Rodamco shopping center on the weekends of August 12 and August 19, Lure Modules will be fired. There you should take a closer look at your adventures.


The following cities are participating in this event and can obviously attract the unusual Pokemon:


Vienna, Austria

Prague, Czech Republic

Copenhagen, Denmark

Helsinki, Finland

Dijon, France

Lille, France

Lyon, France

Marseille, France

Nice, France

Paris, France

Rennes, France

Berlin, Germany

Bochum, Germany

Gera, Germany

Leipzig, Germany

Monchengladbach, Germany

Munich, Germany

Oberhausen, Germany

Recklinghausen, Germany

Milan, Italy

Naples, Italy

Rome, Italy

Oslo, Norway

Warsaw, Poland

Lisbon, Portugal

Bratislava, Slovakia

Badajoz, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Cádiz, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Sevilla, Spain

San Sebastian, Spain

Valencia, Spain

Valladolid, Spain

Stockholm, Sweden

Zürich, Switzerland

Almere, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Leidschendam, The Netherlands

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Belfast, United Kingdom

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Glasgow, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Manchester, United Kingdom


Be sure to stay tuned for more Pokemon GO news, tricks, hacks, and cheats.