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Heavensward News - FFXI and FFXIV Past & Future Interview

Buy ffxi gil has a newly translated interview with Square Enix developer Hiromichi Tanaka. The interview originally appeared on Dengeki Games. FFXIV Core will be releasing the translated version of the interview in three parts. Check out a snippet!

    DO: Even at the beta stage, it seemed like many people were trying a lot of different ability combinations.

    PT: In FFXI, the support jobs for certain jobs became really fixed, like the warrior complimenting the ninja as a sub job. We wanted the players to have a bit more freedom. Furthermore, the use of this system allows for different play styles while solo or in large groups, and strategies will change depending on the abilities available. We wanted it to be a system that wouldn't pigeon-hole users into certain roles. If a player wants to be a full-out attacker, they can set all their abilities to attack abilities. If a player wants to be purely heal-based, they can remove any aggressive abilities. For this reason, we'd like users to be able to save ability sets, but at this time it's not yet possible. We're hoping to add that in an update.