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Large Scale Updates on the Way

Final Fantasy XIV gil has let us know about a pair of 'large scale updates' planned for Final Fantasy XIV. The updates are scheduled to go live in November and December and will include a huge variety of bug fixes, enhancements, improvements, adjustments, etc. has the full list of changes coming broken down by those to be deployed in November and those coming in December.

    Goal-Oriented Content & Comprehensive Tutorials

    Together with the aforementioned improvements to gameplay, the availability of "goal-oriented" content and items, and the need for comprehensive and clear tutorials are issues that will be immediately addressed.

    In the hopes of providing players with opportunities to engage in such content as soon as possible, the November version update will see a reduction in the amount of skill points required to reach rank 20. By effectively reducing the amount of time necessary to reach rank 20, players will sooner be able to gain access to class quests and high-rank guildleves.