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Little Ladies Day

The Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone has been updated with lore and information about the upcoming in-game 'holiday', "Little Ladies' Day" scheduled to begin on February 17th. The event is scheduled to run from February 17th through March 3rd with special quests, events and prizes to be won.

    This springtime festival is said to have its origins in the relatively recent Ul'dahn Legend of the Lost Lady. ffxi gil. Over the past three centuries, it has transformed into a celebration where women of all ages, races, creeds, and repute dress up in their finest habiliments for a day on the town, stopping to pose in front of specially erected backdrops while nibbling upon colorful sweets; all the while, being waited on hand and foot by their loyal 'seneschals.'

    And who are to serve as these seneschals, you ask? Why, the realm's gallant gents, of course! Yes, Eorzea's menfolk have sworn a solemn oath to show their appreciation for all damselkind by dedicating this delightful day to them.