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Naoki Yoshida On Talks with Microsoft About an XB1 Version

UPDATE: After last week's renewed interest in the ongoing discussion between Square Enix and Microsoft about an XBox One version of Final Fantasy XIV, we reached out to the team to learn more.

Here is the response:

    We put this in front of Yoshida-san, who provided the following:


    I am currently in meetings at the Square Enix America office to talk about the PR of the next expansion, actually (laughs).

    Now, cross-platform play was announced for the Xbox One, but long story short, we still do not have plans to bring FFXIV on that platform right now.

    After cross-platform play was announced, Microsoft reached out to the FFXIV team.

    They informed us of the regulations associated with it, but few of the items were critically detrimental to running an MMORPG on cross-platform. ffxi gil. In their current form, these regulations make it difficult for us to support the platform, and that's where we currently stand.

    Please understand, though, this does not mean that our negotiations with Microsoft had fallen through.  We plan to continue our discussions in a positive way, and will update you and our players of any updates and/or announcements.


I'm sorry I'm not able to provide you with any conclusive info at this timeā€¦ :(

According to a report at Polygon, Square Enix is considering an XBox One version of the game but has some concerns about Microsoft's understanding of what it means to run an MMORPG. Naoki Yoshida confirmed that Microsoft approached the Final Fantasy XIV team about the possibility of creating an XBox One version but that the team felt it needed to have certain regulations waived before talks could progress further. At this time, the team is still waiting for Microsoft's response.

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