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New Monsters & the Starlight Celebration

The official Final Fantasy XIV news page, The Lodestone, has been updated with a pair of articles. The first centers around monster distribution issues and the introduction of Goblins and Flan in December. Final Fantasy XIV gil. The second article goes into detail about the upcoming Starlight Celebration slated to run from December 15-31, 2010.

Further adjustments to monster territory are currently underway. In particular, significant changes are being made to the placement and population of aggressive monsters in relation to gathering points to better ensure that Disciples of the Land can log, fish, and mine without fear of attack.

Until a group of former orphans gathered together in order to pay tribute to the knights who rescued them, and ensure that no one ever forgot their remarkable deeds. On the coldest week of each year, they would dress up in brilliant scarlet uniforms and pass out gifts to the children of the realm, in turn, passing along the happiness that they once received on a starlit night, many years past.