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Producer is Letter Details Team is Work

The tenth edition of the Final Fantasy XIV producer's letter has arrived on the FFXIV Lodestone with an impressive chart of features and enhancement the team is working on. Included in the massive list are items that have already been implemented, a list of things the team is currently working on and things that are scheduled for later inclusion.

1.18 will see levequest balancing go into full swing, starting with revisions centered on rewards. As for crafting and gathering, we're tweaking existing recipes and adding brand-new ones for crafter gear ahead of the summer. Final Fantasy XIV gil. I'm pleased to say we’ve concluded our feasibility study for the Materia crafting system (though the name is still tentative), and will soon hammer out the details for the UI and start working on the data.

Now, there's one new item on the list that fans of the FINAL FANTASY series wouldn't have missed: the long-awaited battle with the primal Ifrit is on the way! But that's hardly where it ends. We'll be summoning forth more and more primals in the future, so keep an eye out for further announcements.