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Shuffle or Boogie

If you're reading this now, you'll probably note that Patch 2.51 came out around two days ago (possibly three when this goes live). It seems many people are enjoying the game's new features, namely the Manderville Gold Saucer and all its wonders.

The big draw, however is in two big attractions that plan to eat up time and money among Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn revelers: The Triple Triad and Chocobo Racing.

This week, let's delve into Triple Triad a bit and discuss what makes this popular card game a hit with Final Fantasy fans.

Triple Triad is actually a long-standing card game that did not originate in Eorzea. It's a card collection and dueling meta-game that is spread across the world Final Fantasy VIII.

The mechanics of Final Fantasy VIII's Triple Triad have been adapted to the world of Eorzea, with the cards of Eorzea using the characters and creatures of FFXIV as the card's backgrounds.

How Does It Play?

Cards have four numbers on them signifying the strength of sides of the card. You place them on a 9x9 grid in an attempt to convert opposing cards (red) to your color (blue). cheap ffxi gil. The side with more cards of a particular color after the grid has been filled will win the match.

That seems simple enough, but one wrinkle in the game is that Eorzea has regional rules in place that change how you play.

For instance, a "Plus" rule allows users to convert cards on adjacent corners if the sums on the sides of the cards are equal. So if you have two cards on opposite sides of the board and you throw a card between them, and the sum of the sides touching the card you just placed are equal (both equal 7, for example) then you convert both cards to your color.