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News & Guides

  • Final Fantasy XIV: The Samurai Is A Melee Focused Job [08/13/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV, along with a whole game's worth of story content, a level cap raise, new dungeons, the new Red Mage job, swimming, new raid, and so much more. When it comes to the one of the most wanted parts of the Stormblood, we first think of the Samurai. Now, let's we introduces the lore behind the job, its function in a fight, and more.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Adds Main Quests And New Areas To Explore [08/12/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV adds a lot to the atmosphere, the game is also adds main quests. Currently, patch 4.06 kicked off the Faire, but it also brought a new season of ranked PVP and a few minor buffs to DPS jobs. FFXIV4GIL will reveal the full info and in order to players to enjoy. You can check out more here.
  • FFXIV Stormblood Has Gone Above Previous Expansion Heavensward [08/10/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV content patches included new features, high-level raids as well as existing job enhancements. Especially for the release of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, more new content was added into the game, including also two new character jobs, a new narrative and an increased level cap, players can be allowed to explore those content.
  • FFXIV Breakthrough: Square Enix Has Rolled Out Patch 4.06 [08/09/2017]
    At present, speaking of the one of popular Franchise, Final Fantasy XIV, in accordance to Square Enix, the game has exceeded 10 million players worldwide. Beyond the exciting number, the studio also recently dropped Patch 4.06 which saw some buffs across the board for Dragoons, Ninjas, Archers, Machinists, and Summoners. If you choose to access to FFXIV4GIL, you will have the option to purchase the cheapest Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling, full stock, fast and safe.
  • Pokemon GO: Incognito And Kangaskhan In Selected Cities [08/09/2017]
    This weekend, Incognito and Kangaskhan will appear in Pokemon GO in Germany! We'll show you where this happens.
  • DOFUS Touch Crafting Bonus Weekend [08/09/2017]
    DOFUS Touch released a new bonus event this Friday! Players who enter the event can get +25% bonus XP from August 11 to August 13.
  • MapleStory: Arcana Comes to Arcane River [08/09/2017]
    MapleStory added a new region Arcana to continent of Arcane River! A once beautiful forest of light that has been corrupted by darkness is available to level 225 players who have defeated Lucid and completed the Decisive Battle quest in Lachelein.
  • FFXIV: The Class/Job System Is Endlessly Enjoyable [08/08/2017]
    In Final Fantasy XIV, the class/job system is endlessly enjoyable. The system of Final Fantasy XIV is very unique, at the same time, its system is similar to class work. You can create your item, the aim is to successfully craft the item, which is extremely useful to just about any adventurer.
  • FFXIV: How To Defeat Dangerous And Powerful Enemy Lakshmi [08/07/2017]
    Lakshmi is one of the most dangerous and powerful enemy of the PS4 and PC game. How to defeat Lakshmi? Even if this character is presented as one of the most difficult opponents to defeat the new expansion Stormblood, nevertheless, we give you some tips that will surely help you to combat and take the best when playing.
  • Pokemon GO: The Unown And Kangaskhan Available In Europe [08/07/2017]
    The festivities for the first anniversary of Pokemon GO continue: After deploying the legendary, Niantic announces that new Pokemon to catch will land for European players.
  • MapleStory Guide On Making Mesos As Kanna [08/07/2017]
    Players always need mesos to enhance their equipment with Star Force when playing MapleStory. Some of them farm mesos with the third job Kanna.
  • The Next Final Fantasy XIV Event Soon To Be Come [08/05/2017]
    Concerning the next Final Fantasy XIV event, it can be said that it is coming. According to Square Enix, the Moonfire Faire, will return next week, on August 8. Like previous years, the FFXIV event gives players a chance to snag some exclusive summer-themed gear, for this time event, this following are equipments and items that we will be able to obtain. Further information and tips, see more at here.
  • FFXIV Has Consistently Surpassed All Reasonable Expectations [08/04/2017]
    You get weapon-summoning powers, enjoying the world of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV. Now, many gamers still play old content just to get random gear from it to match new glamours, which is an interesting trend. In Final Fantasy XIV, there you can transmog any previous piece of gear you own, not just items that you currently hold right now in some capacity.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Crown Store Updates [08/04/2017]
    August comes to The Elder Scrolls Online! In the latest updates of Crown Store, players can get Nord costumes and other items.
  • MapleStory 2 Trailers For Eight Playable Classes [08/03/2017]
    In this article, we'll show you the eight normal classes in MapleStory 2.
  • Pokemon GO - Legendary Pokemon Moltres Is There [08/04/2017]
    With Moltres, the next legendary monster in Pokemon GO is on the 31st of July. Since groups from three to four coaches have already succeeded in defeating the raid opponents, it is clear: Moltres is much easier than Articunos. Until the 7th of August you have time to catch the Legendary Pokemon.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Game Servers Was Suffering A DDoS Attack [08/03/2017]
    According to Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV was suffering a DDoS attack on its North American data center. The timing of the attack appeared to coincide with the launch of the Stormblood expansion on June 20. Square Enix have been implementing related measures to deal with the issues. Whether buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil or FFXIV Power Leveling, be sure to access to reliable store.
  • FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest: Create A Look Great Furniture [08/02/2017]
    When you playing Final Fantasy XIV, have you ever attempted to gone throughout the land and looked at the furnishings and other items? If you have nothing in your house, there is no doubt that the house is just like an empty shell. Hence, you require some items to decorate your own house, what are you to do?
  • Pokemon GO: GO Fest Event Brought Nearly 6 Million In Revenue A Day [08/02/2017]
    July 23, 2017 was the most powerful day in the history of Pokemon GO and the day when Niantic released the Legendary Pokemon. Despite the disastrous GO Fest events and the server problems, the players spent almost six million US dollars.
  • DOFUS Touch: Kwismas Will Revenge On Vulkania Island [08/02/2017]
    A revenge of Nicholas Kwismas is coming to Vulkania Island while you travel here. It's the cost of Kwismas's Final Mission since Grozilla and Grasmera invaded Kwismas Island in the year 639.
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