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News & Guides

  • Trove Eclipse - New Floors Added To The Shadow Tower [07/26/2017]
    When the Shadow Tower rise to new heights, new floors added to the tower: the Shadow Hydrakken and the Darknik Dreadnaught.
  • FFXIV Expansion Brings Balance Changes And A New Raid Tier [07/25/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV: first update of Stormblood arrived, ushering a new raid tier. In addition, the new patch for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is now live. Some patch have been revealed such as current patch 4.05. And brings numerous balance changes and a new raid tier to experience and challenge, source from here.
  • Housing Has Become A Contentious Topic In Final Fantasy XIV [07/24/2017]
    Housing has become a contentious topic in the game, in Final Fantasy XIV, when producer Naoki Yoshida introduced housing to FFXIV in 2011, he emphasized fair land distribution. Now, players are questioning whether virtual housing is an equal right or a privilege meant for the rich and over-dedicated. The best ways is for Square Enix to build more build more housing and do so quickly. To learn more information about FFXIV, click for source.
  • FFXIV: Let's Talk About Some Changes For The Dragon Job [07/21/2017]
    Gamers are excited for the changes coming to the Job in Stormblood, apparently, the changes made to the Job did indeed streamline Dragon, but it's damage dropped, what's more, a job that spends a whole lot of time building up to a big attack. The issue with Dragon is that it’s extremely easy to lose eye of the Dragon stacks due to phase transitions causing blood of the Dragon to drop off entirely, starting you over from the beginning of the process.
  • Where Are Your Limits In Albion Online [07/20/2017]
    The German Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online is officially launched this week. Since Monday, the first adventurers have been humming along the shores of the Start Islands, and since then they have been writing the story of Albion with their deeds.
  • The 7th Missive Of DOFUS Touch Will Come Back Soon [07/21/2017]
    DOFUS Touch plan to recruit new volunteer in-game moderators who contact to members of the community management team to effectively guide players. If you are interested in the job, fill out the apply form in the official site before Tuesday, August 1, 2017.
  • Discover Elunarium Ore In Eluna Planet Of MapleStory [07/21/2017]
    The planet Eluna brings many events and rewards to Maple World! One of the events is the Ryuul, a highly-advanced space-faring race, which share twinkly Elunarium ore to adventurers.
  • Pokemon GO News: Catch As Many Pokemon As Possible In GO Fest [07/21/2017]
    With the GO Fest, Pokemon GO is celebrating its one-year anniversary. However, there is currently confusion within the community about various details of the event, especially the legendary Pokemon and the so-called Mysterious Challenges. In our news, we light up and tell you everything you need to know.
  • FFXIV Patch 4.05 Adds A Few New Things And Omega [07/20/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV the latest content was updated again, main content and the latest update is patch 4.05, until now, the full notes for the latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, 4.05, are now available. The patch primarily introduced a new special instance, and a high-difficulty version of the Omega: Deltascape raid, what's more, a few new things also was added.
  • Some Main Highlights For Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes [07/19/2017]
    Currently, full patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV update 4.05 have been released by Square Enix, including a high-difficulty raid dungeon, and other additional content will be also added to the game. The biggest note of the patch is the new Savage mode for the Omega: Deltascape raid. Another notable addition is the new tier of tomestone tokens having been added, which will be available for the grind, weekly. Now, let's discuss about full patch notes details.
  • Pokemon GO Latest Version Available On Android And iOS [07/19/2017]
    The latest version 0.69.0 is available in Pokemon GO for Android now. You can also download the v1.39.0 on iOS devices. This time's updates are mainly about Gym Battle along with various bug fixes.
  • Vulkania - The Best Place To Spend Time In DOFUS Touch This Summer [07/19/2017]
    You will be able to explore the Vulkania in DOFUS Touch from July 20th to September 21st. To reach the Vulkania archipelago, you need go to the Zaap in Madrestam Harbour and take a boat here.
  • Trove Chloromancer Sale - 50% Off [07/19/2017]
    This time's hot sale is Cholormancer-themed items. On July 24, you can get 50% off when buying Cholormancer and all Chloro costumes. So you can enjoy kitting out your Chloromancer class with a closetful of colorful costumes.
  • FFXIV's 37th Letter Was Hosted By Square Enix At This Weekend [07/18/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV‘s 37th Letter was hosted by Square Enix at this weekend, new information was revealed, the Naoki Yoshida, Global Community Producer and Art Director respectively answered questions from the game’s fans.
  • Square Enix Will Further Improve FFXIV In More Aspects [07/17/2017]
    After Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn was launched, and received widespread acclaim. Over the several years, the game now stand as one of the best MMORPG around. The latest expansion, Stormblood, and is turned out to be the best part of the game. Square Enix will further improve the game in more aspects. The developer focuses on fine-tuning the experience, expanding the world and story of FFXIV. So, more and more gamers are now working hard to buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling.
  • Two New Videos For Celebrating The 2nd Anniversary Of MapleStory 2 [07/16/2017]
    To celebrate the MapleStory 2 2nd Anniversary on July 7, 2017, MapleStory 2 released new videos to remember the adventurers' memory in Maple World.
  • Trove Xbox One Patch - Altered Recipe In The Chaos Crafter [07/17/2017]
    The Xbox One version of Trove released a patch. There are some small fixes in the Trove content. You can even see an update in the Chaos Crafter recipe.
  • Pokemon GO: Find A Raid Battle And Catch The Rare Pokemon [07/17/2017]
    With the recently released major Gym Update for Pokemon GO, Niantic has released raids for the first time as a PvE feature for larger game groups. How these raids work and what rewards are waiting for you, can be found here in our guide.
  • Trion Add Sageosaurus Mount Designed By Fans To Trove [07/14/2017]
    A Trove fan, TeeKayM designed a special mount and Trion added it to the game. Trovesaurus will periodically restock this mount so that players can always get one.
  • Gamers As Possible To Enjoy The Innovations Of FFXIV Stormblood [07/14/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, and it brings new jobs and mission, all gamers can experience new adventure. Developers are now working hard to addressing some issues, in order to many gamers as possible to enjoy the innovations of Stormblood. Square Enix also showed other new developments regarding expansion, you can directly head over to here.
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