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How to unlock gathering in Lost Ark?

The Gathering is one of the six trading skills that you can learn in Lost Ark. This is an excellent way to find rare resources; otherwise, you would have to buy from the market. The items you get from Gathering can craft or sold to other players who need help with their projects. But you won't get access to this talent right away. Here is what you will need to understand about ways to unlock gathering in Lost Ark.



Like the other six trading skills in Lost Ark, you can unlock Gathering simultaneously. It all comes down to completing the main story and reaching West Luterra. While in this region, you will eventually get a Lake bar and receive a quest called "The Crown of Lake bar." Upon completing the quest, you will access all six Lost Ark trading skills, including gathering.


After unlocking the Gathering Skill, head to Nikel in Lakebar Village to pick up the Novice Gatherer's Tool; without it, you won't be able to start gathering. As long as you have this purchased and equipped for your character, you are ready to go. The next step is to search for any available plants in the region for harvesting and resources. Every time you collect plants, you spend 30 food—life energy for the task.


The Gather Plants ability is passive, meaning you don't need to add this ability to your toolbar. Instead, it would help look for small leaf icons on the map to determine where to collect plants.


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