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Pokemon Go Raid Battles: Not Everyone Get The Chance To Catch Mewtwo

The Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo will soon appear in Raid Battles all over the world. Players will soon be able to catch it in Pokemon Go. However, not everyone will get the chance to catch Mewtwo.

Pokemon GO: Incognito And Kangaskhan In Selected Cities

This weekend, Incognito and Kangaskhan will appear in Pokemon GO in Germany! We'll show you where this happens.

Pokemon GO: The Unown And Kangaskhan Available In Europe

The festivities for the first anniversary of Pokemon GO continue: After deploying the legendary, Niantic announces that new Pokemon to catch will land for European players.

Pokemon GO - Legendary Pokemon Moltres Is There

With Moltres, the next legendary monster in Pokemon GO is on the 31st of July. Since groups from three to four coaches have already succeeded in defeating the raid opponents, it is clear: Moltres is much easier than Articunos. Until the 7th of August you have time to catch the Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon GO: GO Fest Event Brought Nearly 6 Million In Revenue A Day

July 23, 2017 was the most powerful day in the history of Pokemon GO and the day when Niantic released the Legendary Pokemon. Despite the disastrous GO Fest events and the server problems, the players spent almost six million US dollars.

Pokemon GO: Niantic Events In Europe Will Be Postponed

Since one week after the disaster at the GO festival in Chicago, Niantic would like to work on the issue before his big European tour and has postponed the Safari Zone events scheduled for August.
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