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Pokemon GO - Legendary Pokemon Moltres Is There

With Moltres, the next legendary monster in Pokemon GO is on the 31st of July. Since groups from three to four coaches have already succeeded in defeating the raid opponents, it is clear: Moltres is much easier than Articunos. Until the 7th of August you have time to catch the Legendary Pokemon.



Since July 31, Moltres has been able to fight and catch the Raid Boss of Pokemon GO. According to Pokemongohub the legendary monster is much easier to defeat than his predecessor Articunos - groups from three to four coaches could already force Moltres to their knees.


One reason for this is that Moltres has some significant weaknesses. If you go to battle with the Pokemon Golem, you have good cards, as you are very strong in the fight against Moltres.


But you do not have to spend too much time. The catch chance is only 3%, and Moltres disappears on the 7th of August. You will get to Zapdos by August 14th.