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Lost Ark: Argos Phase 1 Abyss Raid

Everything you need to know about the Argos Stage 1 Abyss Raid in Lost Ark.

  • The first phase of the victory over Argos
  • Mechanics of the Sun and Moon
  • Standard Mechanics
  • Tips for the first phase of Argos


It's no secret that Lost Ark's combat is one of the best in the MMORPG genre, and its group content highlights this very well. The first raid of the Abyss, Argos, is a three-stage raid for eight people. It's like an extra-long guardian raid split into three parts, each lasting about the same length as a regular guardian raid. Each phase requires progressively higher item levels to enter.

You can do this Abyss raid once a week per character to get some sweet loot, namely "Argos' Blood," which can create two different legendary sets with an excellent set bonus when equipping two and five Lost Ark items. Now let's take a look at Argos. Mechanics of the first phase.






How To Unlock The First Phase Of Argos?

All you need to unlock the first phase of Argos is item level 1370 (the second phase requires 1385, and the third phase requires 1400).

After reaching this item level, you will automatically receive the Abyss Raid Unlock Guide, which is very easy to complete, and then you are done. You can either queue up with a pre-arranged group of eight players or hit "matchmaking" to have the game find a group for you.



The first phase of the victory over Argos

While Argos has a fair amount of standard mechanics, his powerful attackers are primarily due to his particular sun and moon mechanics. At the beginning of the fight, your group of eight, which is already split into two groups of four, will receive sun and moon affixes from Argos. The moon will indicate one side and the other by the sun. This is the essential aspect of this phase, so always pay attention to which affix you have.



Mechanics of the Sun and Moon

If you are the sun, there will be a yellowish gold circle below you, and you will be able to stand safely in Argos' solar abilities. There will be a purple icon below you if you are the moon, and you can stand quietly in his lunar abilities.


The sun and moon circle around the boss

At certain moments of the battle, a solar ring (left image) or a lunar ring (right image) is formed around the circle. Boss (this is not the same as the dotted circle in later mechanics; see the Dot Points section).

If there is a solar ring around Argos, those with the sun affix can stand freely inside it and deal damage. However, if you have the moon affix and are within the solar circle, a bar of attrition will appear above your head.

If you let the streak run out entirely, you will take a lot of damage and die; prevent this by simply stepping out of the circle. Once you do that, the overhead bar resets, and you can go back into the circle to deal more damage. Remember that you will have to keep moving out of the circle every time you want to reset the bar.


Spheres of the Sun and Moon

Argos will periodically summon solar or lunar spheres, four at a time. They must be impregnated, but each player must only impregnate one orb because if you impregnate two, you will take unnecessary damage and be stunned. So, if four sun orbs spawn, each player with the sun affix, of which there are four (assuming no one is dead), must consume one orb each.

If left unimpregnated, the orbs will cause a decent-sized circle of the area of ​​effect (AoE) that will explode and deal damage. While the exploding process it spawns can be dodged, the damage from plunging two spheres is impossible. Leave the bowl unsoaked instead of soaking two yourself if one is dead.


Big pizza

The "Big Pizza" mechanic is easy to recognize. A huge circle appears around Argos (it practically occupies the entire battlefield) and is divided into eight parts: four parts of the sun and four parts of the moon. All you will need to perform to avoid harm would be to stand around the type of piece that matches your affix. So if you have the sun affix, stand on one of the sun slices before the pizza goes off. 

At the same time, Argos will create two or three large pizzas, one after the other. <strong>The second pizza will always be an upside-down version of the first pizza, so to gain an advantage, immediately after the first pizza fires, move to the right or left of where you just stood. If the third pizza works, the slices will always be random, so keep an eye on those reflexes!


Small pizza

Now here's where items can get a little hairy. "Little Pizza" is a five-part memory mechanic. For example, "Big Pizza" will be eight tiles. However, you must memorize the displayed sequence of tiles for your respective affix and follow that path after it is displayed. If you step on the wrong tile, you'll take damage, but the first four parts of the sequence don't deal that much damage; the fifth one hits hard.

However, there is a way to improve this since the fifth part of the sequence will always end in the same places. If slice one is directly behind Argos, then the moon sequence will always end on the first (back of the boss, eleven o'clock position) and fifth (in front of the boss, five o'clock position) tiles. The sun sequence will always end on both the third (ledge side, one o'clock position) and the seventh (another side of the ledge, seven o'clock position) tiles.

Just be aware that while the cheese method is much easier, you will still take some damage from the first four tiles of the sequence, although it doesn't matter. You can use defensive combat items during the mechanic or a health potion after it.


Sun and Moon Safe Spots

Argos has a one-shot mechanic that requires everyone to be in a safe area. During this part, four sun-safe spots and four moon-safe spots spawn, for eight (moon-safe imperfections spawn closer to Argos than the sunspots).

One of each affix will spawn in each direction of the boss. There has to be only one person in every secure place (of course, for the appropriate affixes) because if there is more than one person in a safe place, only one will survive the shockwave that Argos sends.

So to avoid this, before you start the first stage, someone in your group will most likely say "1234," followed by "NEW," or just the last one. In other words, the first member of the group goes north, the second goes east, the third goes south, and the fourth goes west.

This rule applies to both parties, as the members of each party are labeled from one to four. While these safe spots won't always spawn exactly north, east, south, or west of Argos, they spawn in these general directions. For example, if you're assigned west, look for your safe spot on the west side of the boss during this phase.

Sometimes the player will say "x3" instead of "NEW". You must multiply your assigned member number by three and then move to that clock position for your safety seat. For example, if you are an outside participant, you will move to the nine o'clock position.


Panel with dots

This phase starts right after the "Safe Spot" phase. A dotted circle forms around Argos, which slowly decreases, and he sets himself a neutral affix. <strong>The goal is to make sure he takes equal damage from players with sun and moon affixes to stay with his neutral affix. Sun-bound players damaging him will cause him to lock to the sun, and moon-bound players damaging him will cause him to close to the moon.

If Argos is unbound by the time the dotted line ends, it will wipe out players with moon-bound. The same goes for the other way around. If he has a neutral hold when the dotted line decreases, he will be stunned for a short time.

Half of your party by dealing excessive damage to the boss. In most cases, groups use this mechanic by simply not attacking Argos while there is a dotted circle around him. This way, he doesn't take damage, and there's no need to worry about the sun- or moon-bound players being erased.



Standard Mechanics

Aside from the mechanics that depend on your sun and moon affixes, there are a few fairly standard ones. They have nothing to do with the indicated affixes but can be very annoying or especially annoying, so they are worth mentioning:

Dash and jump Argos can disappear from view and return in one of two ways. Either he falls down (the place where he lands will be indicated by a circle, so get out of the way. This mechanic is very similar to other bosses), or he attacks the player. His path is shown on the ground for a short time before he reappears.
Vortex Argos will make a small rotation, and shortly after that, a shock wave will be released around him. To avoid this, either stand next to the boss.
Linear shock waves Argos draws two lines into the ground, which will burst outward, sending out two shockwaves. These lines will always be parallel to each other , so make sure you stand between them so you don't get hit. This mechanic has a fairly long animation, so when you see him draw lines, don't panic.
Back Kick For all of you who are melee characters who like to get a bunch of back attacks, just be aware that Argos (like many other guardian raid bosses) has a back kick, so just be aware of the possibility that you may be thrown back. If you can, try to position yourself slightly to the right or left of his back to reduce the chance of you getting kicked.



Tips for the first stage of Argos

Save your Awakening Ability when Argos is in a displaced and immobile state. He tends to move around often, so you risk sniffing your awakening ability otherwise.

During the "Little Pizza" phase, if you're playing with a mechanic and have the moon affix, decide to stand behind or in front of him, depending on how many attacks you have from behind or in front.

Bring elemental health potions, primarily while you're not used to the mechanics yet. The 60 percent health they give is excellent, but the fact that you can bring seven of them into battle instead of the usual five is a real benefit.

Take defensive combat items with you. You don't need to pick up a flare for Argos, as the battle arena stays the same throughout the first phase, so you have an extra slot.

Prioritize survival over dealing with damage. Argos has a lot of health, so the best way to ensure victory is to follow the mechanics and stay alive so you can deal damage throughout the fight.