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Madden 22 Reviews: The initial impression is still the same

Before the start of each season of Madden, players will have great expectations. Then after the season started, some players were pleasantly surprised, but some players were disappointed! Similarly, each player has a different view of the new season, so the comments are additional! In the latest Madden 22 version of the season, EA Sports has made many improvements.

Before the release of Madden 22, I am looking forward to a great video game. And Madden 22 did not bring me much surprise. In my opinion, although it has been improved and updated compared to Madden 21, the overall feeling is that it has not changed much! Madden left the best football game position on the market a long time ago, choosing to downplay its offline experience while earning billions of dollars on virtual trading cards through Madden Ultimate Team.



1. Face of the Franchise

Although not as bad or unbelievable as the Madden NFL 21 version of "Face of the Franchise," this year's story is still very untrue. First, your players will arrive at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, to train with the best players in the NFL. Although this situation is not unbelievable, a few weeks after the end of the NFL season, the players have gone all out. Most importantly, the training lasts for six weeks, twice a day. NFL players such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Sakun Barkley volunteered to spend two days at Nike headquarters for six consecutive weeks. This is one of the most unbelievable football stories. In addition, the whole story feels like a Nike ad because this game will seize every opportunity to sway a whirlwind in your face.



2. Franchise Mode

According to EA, the scout upgrade is not online and will be launched in a future update. The franchise model is essentially a reprint of last year's model, which incorporates the coaching staff and skill tree from NCAA Football 14 and different menu designs. The franchise has been neglected for years, so players can't even replicate real life in this mode. Seriously, Patrick Mahomes' 10-year $503 million contracts could not be signed in Madden NFL 22.



3. Madden Ultimate Team

Madden Ultimate Team is where EA Sports spends most of its time and energy, and for a good reason. Ultimate Team brought nearly 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020. Unfortunately, for simulation football fans, MUT will always be a cash cow for EA Sports, and the franchise model will continue to be ignored, and Ultimate Team is bringing this type of income.



4. The Yard/Superstar KO

Both modes remain the same, and there is no real motivation for the game. It seems that The Yard still exists in the game to attract young players to spend money on their clothing, but other than that, there is no depth.



5. Gameplay

NFL 22. The gameplay of Madden NFL 22 feels the same as Madden NFL 21. And in the game, Madden coins are still very scarce, according to not enough use! The game is based on animation as it was when it was released on Playstation 2. For Madden, physics, the height and weight of the colliding player, and momentum are irrelevant. The game's animation determines the outcome of the game, which makes the game feel cheesy and cheap, just like the CPU cheating directly.




In general, Madden 22 is its predecessor: a tool for selling virtual trading cards to earn billions of dollars. EA Sports doesn't care about making a good football game. They only care about profitable projects. They only spend their time and energy on popular game models! Obtaining revenue from players through real-time service updates is undoubtedly more important than creating a respectable representative of the NFL.