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MapleStory Guide On Making Mesos As Kanna

Players always need mesos to enhance their equipment with Star Force when playing MapleStory. Some of them farm mesos with the third job Kanna.



Places an autoturret that hits things in an area, but more importantly, doubles spawn rate for the duration. The only thing that remotely compares to a Kanna in terms of meso farming are those Blaze Wizard hackers.


It's Kanna's skill that increases spawn in your map. There will be more monsters to kill for more mesos. This is why Kanna is the undefeated champion for meso farming. That and her numerous full map attacks.


How you meso farm is you get your accessories to legendary potential (except shoulder and belt, i.e. face/eye/earring/ring/pendant) then try to get "Meso obtained 20%" as a potential line. This will take some time but obviously as you get more meso obtained items it will get faster and faster. It can go up to 100% so, 5 pieces of accessories. I suggest getting the boss set since they're easy to get.


Also you want to get your inner ability to legendary and get meso obtained 20% on the first line too. Equipment will let you get to 100% but the 20% extra on your inner ability will stack with this, giving you a total of 120%.