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NHL 22: The complete guide to roster sharing function

NHL 22 will be released soon. I believe players are looking forward to it. In this year, NHL 22 finally added the most needed roster sharing function in the gaming community. And this feature will be launched in December this year. Users will be able to upload and share their roster files in the community and finally into the franchise model.


Although the ability to upload and share custom rosters will not be supported before the December update, users will get ahead. When NHL 22 launches on October 15, Players can immediately start creating the roster function. Of course, this will be officially launched later this year, you will be able to upload it instantly, so there should be many custom rosters available for download on the first day of the patch release.


The possibilities for roster sharing are endless. You can create or edit players with different ratings, different attributes, or different X factors. Someone can make a roster full of brand new players or change the overalls of many existing players to what they think is more accurate. Or someone can create a registration that contains many potential customers who may not necessarily be reflected in the game. While EA’s work on player ratings is commendable, honestly, nothing can compare to a passionate and dedicated community. This feature will allow the community to promote popular things and pick what they want that best fits the franchise model.


When you share the roster, you will first save the file you want to upload. On the shared file screen, you can describe it. The user who downloaded the file can also give it alike; the more likes, the higher the score, and the more obvious it is. And, of course, the usual search function will be supported, so you can find a roster that might appeal to you.



NHL 22 will be launched on Xbox and PlayStation on October 15. Although PS5 and Xbox Series X|S are getting enhanced features, it sounds like all platforms will support roster sharing. Therefore, To play the NHL 22 game well, to improve the user experience in the game, you need enough NHL 22 Coins to satisfy it. In addition, players need to prepare in advance.