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Playing Soccer On The Road With FIFA Mobile

From now on you can also play football on the go, thanks to FIFA Mobile. With FIFA Mobile you can use your smartphone to get started with your favorite football heroes, clubs and competitions. EA Sports has combined speed and accessibility with in-depth game types and high quality. This is expressed by having access to more than thirty competitions, 650 clubs and 16,000 players.



Through the Competitions it is possible to set up matches among friends. A total of 32 players from all over the world can compete. By winning competitions you climb higher in the rankings with the ultimate goal of becoming the winner. You can also win cooperative Achievements and challenge other competitions in tournaments. You can also put together your own selections. Use the Schedule feature to build an unbeatable club. You can also combine and redeem unwanted items against in-game rewards.


The nice thing is that FIFA Mobile capitalizes on daily events from the football world. This translates into new content and matching Live events. Everything that is used in the football world can therefore be experienced via FIFA Mobile itself. So you are always up to date with the latest news. For the real fans among us.


FIFA Mobile can now be downloaded for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you need coins while playing in FIFA Mobile, you can buy coins on u4gm. You can get 2% discount with code "u4gm" if you buy FIFA Mobile coins on U4GM.