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What Is The Real Experience of Surpassing TERA

If you think of free-to-play action MMOs, then TERA will no doubt spring to mind. TERA has many of the typical MMORPG features present such as questing, crafting and player versus player action. The game utilizes a real-time battle system that incorporates a third-person camera view in combat. Moreover, don't forget to buy cheap Tera gold from U4GM, we U4GM is an online Tera Gold market, you will need our help when you are playing this game. 




One thing that truly shines above the rest of the experience with TERA is the combat. In most MMORPG titles, this is usually the area that stands out straight away as something that needs improvement, but it seems TERA has taken the route of providing us with some high-octane action-packed combat we have all been hoping for in an MMORPG experience. Every battle against the game’s BAMs (Big Ass Monster) or even more mundane enemies is a fantastic experience that feels fluid and dangerous, yet highly rewarding.


For example, stand in the same position for too long and instead of eventually taking down the enemy, you’ll find yourself on the end of a fleet-footed attack ensuring the larger than life for you were trying to tackle makes for a different experience from the usual MMO combat style we’ve gotten used to over the years. Of course, you have the usual MMO features such as upgradeable weapons, rarer gear that will help you out along the way, and a ton of skills and abilities to go along with the general experience, but the fighting and combat really stand out as an impressive feature.


Besides hunting BAMs, which is where the combat excels, there are also a number of increasingly difficult dungeons to clear – in typical MMORPG fashion – all of which showcase the quality combat seen within TERA. The other positives to be found are within the audio and visual department with an incredible soundtrack easing you through each battle, area, and quest, whilst some rather eye-catching visuals help to bring the feel of a modern experience to a game that originally arrived in 2011.


One example of this would be the story. As is usual for most MMORPG experiences, TERA is another game that contains a lengthy and in-depth story throughout its main quests, side-quests, and NPC tasks. The main questline presents a rather interesting tale of two incredible titans with unimaginable power, and how the world of the Exiled Realm of Arborea began to grow around them whilst they slept, and how their dreams came to life.


For me personally, that’s the type of story I look for in an MMORPG experience – it’s fantasy, it’s unique and it has the potential to branch in any direction. Throughout the game, there are certainly some unexpected twists and turns that keep things interesting. The let-down, however, comes in the form of poor story pacing as well as some of the dullest NPC characters we’ve seen in a long time.


The pacing is like that in most MMO titles; leveling your character has a big part on the difficulty of future missions or quests. In TERA, leveling isn’t a difficult or lengthy process in the slightest and with the majority of missions proving to be nothing more than a run from A-to-B to kill certain enemies before reporting back, it doesn’t take long before you start to zone out to what’s actually going on. What doesn’t help is that no matter what NPC you’re talking to, there isn’t really all that much of a difference between them.