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New FFXIV Raid Will Be Unbelievably Challenging

If you die in the new raid, your goods will be permanently erased!


Square Enix announces the next raid of Final Fantasy XIV with his statement. Unlike the others, this raid will be unbelievably challenging. If you look at it, it is not the mechanics that make the raid area hard. Death will last forever in May 2018, when you die in this area, which will be presented to the likes of players next month.



As all the players in the final part of the Final Fantasy XIV raid have died, both the characters and the items on it will be permanently deleted. Final Fantasy XIV producer Yoshi-P had already made a statement and said, "I am tired that people address games so much as they do not see casual friendliness too much. Let's see what these people will do when they see the new raid. "


Yoshi-P has said that the new raid will be even more difficult than the Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) raid, even if the details are sparse at the moment. It took 13 days to complete the final Ultimate raid and it was a face-off 'wipe' party. Given that the new space will be much more difficult, we can say that completing is not that easy.