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The Albion Online Intro Video Was Published

No longer long, then start the adventures in the Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. The Intro Video was now published for the mood.


Albion Online puts you in the magical land of Albion, which was hidden for a long time. In the old world, a greedy king wants to claim the riches of this country, and calls for courageous adventurers to go to Albion to look for treasures. Since many are dissatisfied with their previous life, they get up and get into the adventure. The dangerous crossing, however, survive very few - to these courageous heroes belongs her.



A Land Full Of Treasures And Dangers


The survivors begin immediately to build settlements, to claim lands for themselves and to initiate trade. But Albion is not just a land of many raw materials and treasures. There are a lot of dangers on the heroes. Dangers they dare not imagine even in their darkest dreams...


PvP In Focus


In Albion Online, you are going to explore the country and fight against beasts. In addition, you help build settlements and craps items. PvP plays a decisive role, because also territories is fought. But even fans of PvE get their money's worth, as there are many adventures and monsters in the wilderness and in dungeons.


The official launch of Albion Online will take place on July 17th. More Albion Online news and guides will be posted at UpAlbion.