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News & Guides

  • Pokemon GO: GO Fest Event Brought Nearly 6 Million In Revenue A Day [08/02/2017]
    July 23, 2017 was the most powerful day in the history of Pokemon GO and the day when Niantic released the Legendary Pokemon. Despite the disastrous GO Fest events and the server problems, the players spent almost six million US dollars.
  • DOFUS Touch: Kwismas Will Revenge On Vulkania Island [08/02/2017]
    A revenge of Nicholas Kwismas is coming to Vulkania Island while you travel here. It's the cost of Kwismas's Final Mission since Grozilla and Grasmera invaded Kwismas Island in the year 639.
  • FFXIV Is One Of The Best And Most Rewarding MMO's Out There [08/01/2017]
    Unlike most MMO's, Final Fantasy XIV forces you to do group content/dungeons in order to progress the storyline. Some gamers think that Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best and most rewarding MMO's out there, what's more, in late game, it does have some grindy elements. The game basically took the good bits that made Final Fantasy unique.
  • FFXIV Stormblood: 4.0 Is Done But The Story Is Far From Over [07/31/2017]
    The second expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood have been launched on June 20th, 2017. Due to the new expansion was unveiled, and the game introduces many changes, new and beautiful areas need to be explored. Nevertheless, owing to an unexpectedly high volume of players, during the Early Access period, the game suffered many glitches, as a result of that, a beautiful expansion all but unplayable.
  • Pokemon GO: Niantic Events In Europe Will Be Postponed [07/31/2017]
    Since one week after the disaster at the GO festival in Chicago, Niantic would like to work on the issue before his big European tour and has postponed the Safari Zone events scheduled for August.
  • Trove: Preview Of Updates In Shadow Tower [07/31/2017]
    Darknik Dreadnought is coming to Shadow Towers with Eclipse. Get a preview here!
  • Trove Eclipse Brought A New Reward System For Shadow Tower [07/29/2017]
    The Trove Eclipse has not only brought invasion to Shadow Tower, but also upgraded a new reward system!
  • MapleStory 2 Pink Envelope Event [07/29/2017]
    Mekong has a rich soybean!
  • DOFUS Touch Event - Hugs And Kisses From Vulkania [07/29/2017]
    Have you began your holiday adventure on the island of Vulkania? DOFUS Touch recently is hosting a new contest to record the good time in Vulkania. Design a trip postcard with short note for friend or guild and win awesome prizes now!
  • NBA 2K18 News: MyGM And MyLEAGUE Updates [07/29/2017]
    In addition to new screenshots, 2K gave some details about the new features of MyGM-MyLEAGUE modes in NBA 2K18. While the MyCAREER mode focuses on the life of an NBA player, MyGM: The Next Chapter will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of a former star of the league after GM after a dirty knee injury occurred in Dallas one night of May 2011 and in Western Conference Finals.
  • The Expansion Has Made Final Fantasy XIV So Entertaining [07/28/2017]
    Now, FFXIV Stormblood is absolutely worth the hype that it was given and is an absolute joy to play. After the release of its latest expansion, Stormblood. This rise in the number of players means some of the game’s servers, a.k.a. Worlds, reached their cap of active players, which left others waiting in long queues in order to log in. Now it is time for buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.
  • Albion Online - Character Builder Allows You To Share Your Favorite Builds [07/28/2017]
    Albion Online relies on a classless character, so the protagonist is heavily dependent on the equipment for which task it is best suited. The choice of the right equipment is therefore crucial for the success, and here the tool addressed comes to the train.
  • Win Daily Login Rewards In Trove Gathering Light Quest [07/28/2017]
    Each day you logining to The Gathering Light, you will be rewarded with prizes such as Chaos Chests, Patron Passes, Greater Dragon Caches, and etc.
  • A Special Final Fantasy XIV Cosplay Contest This Year Will Be Held [07/27/2017]
    We are glad to know that a special Final Fantasy XIV cosplay contest this year will be held. Now, gather your favourite materials, sewing kits and other tools and get ready for what will be a show to remember. Speaking of cosplay, community is always there to impress us. You are craving for more and source from here.
  • Albion Online Character Builder Is Available In Tool Section [07/27/2017]
    Albion Online released a new feature after its official release, the Albion Online Character Builder! It's a new tool not only allows you to create new builds, but also make you can share your work with Albion community.
  • Trove Eclipse - New Floors Added To The Shadow Tower [07/26/2017]
    When the Shadow Tower rise to new heights, new floors added to the tower: the Shadow Hydrakken and the Darknik Dreadnaught.
  • FFXIV Expansion Brings Balance Changes And A New Raid Tier [07/25/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV: first update of Stormblood arrived, ushering a new raid tier. In addition, the new patch for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is now live. Some patch have been revealed such as current patch 4.05. And brings numerous balance changes and a new raid tier to experience and challenge, source from here.
  • Housing Has Become A Contentious Topic In Final Fantasy XIV [07/24/2017]
    Housing has become a contentious topic in the game, in Final Fantasy XIV, when producer Naoki Yoshida introduced housing to FFXIV in 2011, he emphasized fair land distribution. Now, players are questioning whether virtual housing is an equal right or a privilege meant for the rich and over-dedicated. The best ways is for Square Enix to build more build more housing and do so quickly. To learn more information about FFXIV, click for source.
  • FFXIV: Let's Talk About Some Changes For The Dragon Job [07/21/2017]
    Gamers are excited for the changes coming to the Job in Stormblood, apparently, the changes made to the Job did indeed streamline Dragon, but it's damage dropped, what's more, a job that spends a whole lot of time building up to a big attack. The issue with Dragon is that it’s extremely easy to lose eye of the Dragon stacks due to phase transitions causing blood of the Dragon to drop off entirely, starting you over from the beginning of the process.
  • Where Are Your Limits In Albion Online [07/20/2017]
    The German Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online is officially launched this week. Since Monday, the first adventurers have been humming along the shores of the Start Islands, and since then they have been writing the story of Albion with their deeds.
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