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1.19 Patch Impressions

The arrival of last week's Final Fantasy XIV v1.19 patch has been heralded by many players as a 'game changer', a great step in the right direction for the troubled game. cheap ffxi gil. Others, however, are less than impressed.'sm Tingle has taken a look at the v1.19 patch and offers a few impressions from the perspective of FFXIV veterans and for those returning/new players. Check it out and then weigh in with your impressions in the comments.

To date, both patch 1.18 and 1.19 are the largest to hit the ailing Final Fantasy XIV. From playing the former build I was underwhelmed by the changes made to this MMO, but when formed together with October's latest additions things are finally starting to make sense. This isn't to say that this game is excels in any way but it is now at least playable. So while many players will still raise their Alt+F4 fingers with rage, as a whole the experience is getting better and things are moving in the right direction, finally.