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A First Look

In her latest feature for, writer Carolyn Koh takes on the Herculean task of writing about Final Fantasy XIV. Carolyn readily admits that the article is a 'first look' at the game as the depth of FFXIV will require more time to pen an authoritative review. Buy ffxi gil. However, Carolyn has some strong opinions about what she's experienced thus far, even going so far as to call it a 'love hate' relationship. Check out Carolyn's thoughts about Final Fantasy XIV and then add yours on our forums.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of those games that ramp up on a curve of love vs hate. One of those games that are highly hyped, not easy to learn but once you get going, you end up loving it. Some of them turn into a parabola where bugs or rotten AI send you back down the curve into hate. My FFXIV experience might yet turn into a parabola where I descend into "hate" again but I'm not there yet. This is a "First Look" at the game which really is a reviewer's first impression of the game after a few hours of play.