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FFXIV: Let's Talk About Some Changes For The Dragon Job

Gamers are excited for the changes coming to the Job in Stormblood, apparently, the changes made to the Job did indeed streamline Dragon, but it's damage dropped, what's more, a job that spends a whole lot of time building up to a big attack. The issue with Dragon is that it’s extremely easy to lose eye of the Dragon stacks due to phase transitions causing blood of the Dragon to drop off entirely, starting you over from the beginning of the process.



For the latest patch 4.05, full patch notes have been posted at FFXIV4GIL, reference from here. Today, let's talk about some changes for the Dragon Job, and more details can be found, stay tuned FFXIV4GIL. 


Lance Mastery

This trait received a potency buff of 70 points, increasing the bonus potency offered to Wheeling Thrust and Fang and Claw from 30 to 100. 


Sonic Thrust

The combo effect for Sonic Thrust now extends Blood of the Dragon by 10 seconds (up to 30 seconds max). This is an incredibly welcome change. 


Mirage Dive

The animation lock on Mirage Dive has been shortened in 4.05. This is a simple, but appreciated quality-of-life change.


Blood Of The Dragon

The duration increase of five seconds from 15 to 20 seconds should give some leeway when dealing with the aforementioned phase transitions, but it’s not enough.


Dragon Sight

Dragon Sight had its range doubled to 12 yalms. I still feel this is an absolutely stupid ability, but it should help some. If you’re unfamiliar, Dragoon’s basically need to tether themselves to a teammate in order to reach their damage potential. 


Finally, gamers would like to see more tweaks as well, all in all, Final Fantasy XIV is very good, the story has a lot to offer and in my view is the best there is in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In the coming days, the game will be improved again, which is not easy because the level is very high. But, there is no better time to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil & FFXIV Power Leveling, action now!