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FFXIV Patch 4.11 Provided The Unending Coil Of Bahamut Challenge

Recently, Final Fantasy XIV update many patch, previous patch 4.1 brought amazing content, and the recent released patch 4.11 brought also much more new content. Specifically, patch 4.11 provided the long awaited Unending Coil of Bahamut challenge, otherwise known as Ultimate or Super Savage. 



It's perhaps the toughest challenge yet for even the most seasoned of Final Fantasy XIV players. Successfully clearing the fight will reward you with a token for a high-end weapon, but the obvious intent is that not many people will be able to clear this, making it less a major step in progression and more a diversion and an amusing footnote. 


This is relatively small patch, and the patch adds a new difficulty tier into the mix. This is likely to be the most challenging content in the game, if you've already done everything else, you can now mash your head against this particular challenge to see how you do. This following is the patch's video, more videos and screenshots, view more at here



In the near future, patch 4.15 will introduce Rival Wings, the newest PvP mode featuring 24-v-24 player combat with a brand-new ruleset. For more info on the patch, recommend you to visit FFXIV4Gil, by the way, you will have chance to get cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil. The game developer also plans to bring a new PvP in patch 4.15. All news seems to indicate that Final Fantasy XIV is a fantastic gameplay.