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FFXIV The Patch 4.1 Introduces New Dungeon And Raid-Level Content

Final Fantasy XIV the patch 4.1 introduces only one new dungeon, the Drowned City of Skalla, which follows the same linear pattern since 2.0. The Stormblood as a whole has kept me playing every week since its launch, "The Legend Returns" only builds on that strong substructure. Let's go to website to buy cheap Gil.



Speaking of raid-level content, Shinryu EX, a remake of the last boss fight from Stormblood's story, is another fun, challenging and finely-tuned battle.You got it with a new housing district of Shirogane. It sold out in 10 minutes after the servers went up in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. 


The developers promised more space for additional housing in all areas by the next major update. Yoshida wrote that the relocation system, which allowed players to move their housing space from an old area to Shirogane, didn't work as intended, which further complicated the ongoing housing issue within the game. 


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