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Guildleves and UI Receive Attention

In the v1.18a patch for Final Fantasy XIV, the Guildleve and Battle systems have both received significant attention. In addition, several UI changes have been implemented including allowing players to toggle whether or not a weapon shows. A new emote was also added as well as the usual list of bug fixes.


  • When set to off, the main hand arms and tools of all PCs in passive mode will be hidden.
  • /display settings made by you are visible on your computer only. cheap ffxiv gil. For example, if your main hand display is set to off, your gear will still be visible to other players.
  • /display settings will reset upon logging out.
    For patch 1.19, we plan to enhance this feature to reflect your /display settings on all other player’s computers. Also, personal /display settings will be saved upon logging out.