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Letter from the Producer Live Digest Released

Last week, we posted a bit of the live Q&A session that was currently ongoing with the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn team. It was a long and productive event with tons of great information. Today, the team released the "digest" version to spotlight the most pertinent information.

You can watch the full video and use the digest version to assist you finding the information you most want to hear about.

    A: As mentioned during the previous LIVE letter, Jump is an attack ability. Abilities such as black mage's Manawall, on the other hand, can only be used to mitigate damage. Furthermore, regardless of whether you get attacked or not, the effect of these mitigating skills will wear off after a set amount of time. cheap ffxi gil. They also use up an action slot. Because dragoon's jump is an attack-based ability, it would be unbalanced to allow dragoons to attack and mitigate damage with a single skill. If we were to do this, we would have to greatly reduce the damage of Jump or increase the cool-down timer to five minutes or so.

    We recently released details outlining adjustments for warrior, but this was mainly to address an imbalance in the Binding Coil of Bahamut where paladins are heavily preferred. Rather than rebalancing the Binding Coil, we will make changes to warriors so that they are on par with paladins. Since these adjustments are quite extensive, we wanted to announce them before the patch. Please keep in mind, however, that announcing these adjustments was an exception to our normal plans for releasing job adjustment details, as this usually results in requests for details regarding other jobs soon after.

    With that said, however, we'd like to touch on a few of the changes we have planned, and to start off I'll talk about dragoon. We'll be reducing the cooldown timer of Power Surge by 30 seconds and increasing the damage of their standard three action combo. Also, Jump will be adjusted so that execution is quicker, animation lock is reduced, and landing point is changed. Overall DPS will be increased by approximately 10%, so burst damage will greatly increase.