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New Info, Gameplay Videos!

The folks over at FFXIVCore have been amassing a ton of footage, information, and pictures of Final Fantasy XIV coming straight out of GamesCom '09. cheap ffxiv gil. There are several gameplay videos, a short emote video, information on the Gladiator's abilities, the compass, and more!

Few quick facts:

  • Currently you can't jump, but a developer told me they are considering to add it
  • I wasn't able to find water just yet, so not sure if you can swim
  • I will have an interview up tomorrow Thursday
  • The combat system is interesting, reminds you of FFXI, you select a target with TAB, then take up your weapon with F and X locks on it. Then use the numbers from your hotbars to use abilities. The first two abilities I had generated combat points to use the AOE attacks etc, I'll get back on what class I played later
  • Game is polished, very smooth combat and performance
  • It was played on a PC (I think), with mouse and keyboard
  • I did a kill mob quest, kill 6 peacock-like creatures, they were very easy to kill
  • Square Enix points out several times that the game is in alpha, so keep this in mind. For being in alpha, the game has come very far and I'm quite impressed. Check back for a write up later.
  • I tried running off further on the map and met many invisible walls.