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New PvP Mode & Ranked PvP PreSeason Part of v3.21

Square Enix has revealed that a new PvP mode is included in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward with the v3.21 update. Final Fantasy XIV gil. Teams of four or eight have one major objective: To steal medals from opponents. In addition, ranked PvP will be launching pre-season play with Season One to start with patch v3.25.

The player's primary objective is to steal their opponent's medals in teams of four or eight. The Feast dramatically shifts the playing field and a team's strategy with the introduction of a variety of boosts from supply boxes, as well as detrimental effects where players can receive additional damage based on how many medals they hold and how much time has elapsed without a KO. Players who have unlocked the "Wolves' Den" will automatically be able to access this new content.