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Producer is Letter & New Concept Designs

Final Fantasy XIV Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida has posted this week's Producer's Letter. Yoshida talks about the 1.5b patch, flying in airplanes and throws in a couple of new concept shots that showcase some of the upcoming new items that have been promised.

As some of you may have guessed, both of these are designs for some of the new items I spoke of in my last letter. As stated in the last Players' Poll, we are currently working on class-specific equipment. Final Fantasy XIV gil. Though the above designs are finalized, we still have to tailor and model them to each of the five races. So while I can't promise an immediate release, I promise that the wheels of progress are in motion.

For those of you worried that your favorite class or current rank won't be represented-don't be. We're working on more than just high-level gear, and plan to gradually release items for various ranks over the course of the next year. Keep a keen eye fixed on coming patch notes to see if your class is next!