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Return to Ivalice: Rabanastre - Argath Thadalfus: The Full FFXIV's Guide

A complete guide for Return to Ivalice Rabanastre 24 Player Raid, the fullest guides can be found more at FFXIV4Gil. Today, we reveal more details for Return to Ivalice: Rabanastre - Argath Thadalfus, pretty simple boss, this following are his skills: 



Fire IV - raid-wide ability

Soulfix - melee range AOE

Crippling Blow - tank buster

Crush Weapon - tank buster

Coldblood - purple pulsing damage

Embrace - blue AOE that binds you

Unrelenting - avoid these frontal cone AOE's

Voice of the Gods- if you have an angel marker, obey.

Unnerved - avoid getting stack three of this debuff or you will turn into a chicken for a bit

Judgement Blade - square AOE's will appear and two players will be marked with swords

Emptiness - quickly defeat Shards of Emptiness or you will wipe when he uses ultimate

Royal Blood - summons Shades. If you are chained to them, run away and spread them out

Divine Commandment - you need to either look away, move, or stay still depending on your marker

Zombie - after his ultimate, purple ooze will appear. Avoid these or you will turn into a zombie and attack allies before dying

Gnawing Dread - roulette pointer will begin while another Coldblood happens. The pointer stops while you move and starts when you stop moving. 

Trepidation - he will summon a meteor that falls down pretty slowly. Get inside the circle to avoid the arena-wide impact. Keep going through these mechanics until you defeat him and win Rabanastre. 


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