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Save 50% On Selling Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Online, is a multiplayer online role-playing game for PCs running Microsoft Windows. FFXIV was developed and released by Square Enix in 2010, is the fourth game in the main Final Fantasy series and is the second MMORPG after Final Fantasy XI.



Set in the fantasy realm of Eorzea, players take control of a customized avatar as they explore the land and are caught up in both an invasion by the hostile Garlean Empire and the threat of the Primals, the deities of the land's Beastmen tribes. Eventually, they are embroiled in a plot by a Garlean Legatus to destroy the Primals by bringing one of the planet's moons down on Eorzea.


Final Fantasy XIV is a start-up MMORPG that has suffered a series of critically acclaimed critically acclaimed games due to poor gameplay quality. In addition, all PC versions of the Final Fantasy series are available for sale on the Steam Store for only 50% off. It includes the latest Stormblood expansion of the Final Fantasy XIV online game.


Save 50% on the FFXIV Complete Edition or Stormblood! Sale ends March 13, so don't delay! Final Fantasy XIV Gil is an important part of the game. Without these currencies, you won't be able to realize success in the game.