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Stormblood Next Expansion, Coming Summer 2017 + Trailer

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival has kicked off and it's started with a bang. Buy ffxi gil. The game's next expansion is called Stormblood and is coming to players in Summer 2017.

            Stormblood will explore Ala Mihgo
        Main focus is to regain control of Ala Mihgo from the Garlean Empire
        20 years have passed since Garleans have had control
        Main atagonist to be Zenos Yae Galvus, XIIth Legion Legatus and de facto ruler of Ala Mihgo
        Woman depicted in trailer to potentially be revealed in future 3.X patch
        Warrior of Light's main job in 4.0 is Monk (akin to DRG for 3.0)
        Area shown in teaser trailer is Rhalgr's Reach, the HQ of Ala Migho's main resistance.
        Multiple new jobs to be discussed at future date
        Yoshi-P wore a t-shirt of Marvel's Scarlet Witch, said that was the only hint he'd give at this time
        New Level Cap: 70 (for all classes)
        More actions for each job to go with new cap
        Revamped battle system to go with new actions
        Additional Skill System to be overhauled, with skills shared by roles instead of jobs, and can choose from shared role ability options
        Reassessment of unused/ineffective actions
        Example used is Dragoon's Blood of the Dragon buff, where in 4.0 an icon/gauge showing how much time is left will be better visible on screen so players aren't just staring at the current icon
        New Areas to be introduced, comparable in size to Heavensward areas
        Stormblood will be a full standalone game's worth of content
        New Primals to be introduced, including known names and all-new original-to-FF14 ones.
        New Dungeons to be introduced with new battle and dungeon concepts to be introduced
        High-End Raids to also be added, with possibility of different story depending on difficulty, with normal on odd patches, savage on even
        New Alliance Raids to be added. Big news, but will wait until Tokyo Fan Fest, but will be, "very, very Final Fantasy"