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ull v1.17 Patch Notes & the Hatching Tide

The Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone has been updated with a pair of articles of interest to players. The first post contains the full patch notes for v1.17 that was deployed earlier this week. The second is a look at the in-game event, the Hatching Tide, complete with the lore behind the celebration and quest information.

Even as we speak, the Dreamer's congregation continues to grow, but is this phenomenon truly a result of the masses belief in the prophecy Jihli sings, or is it something else that drives them, something less divine? ffxi gil. It was only after further investigation, that I learned Jihli is offering specially crafted "egg caps" to all those who assist her in preparing for the Hatching Hour. Could it be that material lust is the true driving factor behind this festival's popularity? Perhaps we will never know, but what is certain, when the Hatching Hour comes and the celebration reaches its climax, all eyes will be on the Dreamer and her eggs. Will the Archons descend upon Eorzea, or will Jihli and her gospel fade into obscurity? The answer will be clear only when the Keeper's sands have run their course.