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v3.1 and Beyond Revealed During Tokyo Game Show

MMOGames has a nice write up of the recent Final Fantasy XIV presentation during the Tokyo Games Show. Buy ffxi gil. During the panel, the team revealed the first details about what players can expect with the v3.1 update called "As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness".

Of notable inclusion in 3.1, players can look forward to:

    Void Ark Raid - 24-player raid with similarities in difficulty and requirements to Crystal Tower
    Airship Exploratory Missions - Free Company ships will be able to head to the skies in search of floating islands packed with bad guys and loot
    Lord of Verminion - a new Gold Saucer mini-game that incorporates RTS elements with minions duking it out in any one of four difficulty modes
    A new relic weapon quest
    Housing glamors
    New outfits and hairstyles
    Ninja improvements