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Beginner is Q&A

The Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone has been updated with a developer Q&A with questions from players just starting out in Eorzea. More specifically, the team addresses the bazaar and the buying/selling of items. cheap ffxi gil. It's a handy 'guide' for those just learning the world's navigation.

    Q. I'd like to try my hand at one of these so-called "bazaars." What are they, and how do I set one up?

    A. Bazaars are small-scale, personal, mercantile endeavors that allow players to sell items in their inventory (Sell Item), offer payment to buy items they desire (Purchase Item), and seek out talented Disciples of the Hand to repair their damaged gear (Seek Repairs). In addition to those maintained by players, bazaars may also be set up and entrusted to retainer NPCs. Below we outline the step-by-step process of establishing a bazaar, covering each of the aforementioned three options. Further details on purchasing an item directly from another bazaar, as well as how to set up a retainer bazaar, will be covered in a future Topics post.