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FFXIV Has Consistently Surpassed All Reasonable Expectations

You get weapon-summoning powers, enjoying the world of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV. Now, many gamers still play old content just to get random gear from it to match new glamours, which is an interesting trend. In Final Fantasy XIV, there you can transmog any previous piece of gear you own, not just items that you currently hold right now in some capacity. 



With the release of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, there are great outfits and its glamour system has led to some really great creations. For previous twice expansion, even if conquering three raids in total and amassing innumerous amounts of gear. Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer feature will keep fans liking. 


Yoshida brought Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to PlayStation 4, creating one of the most successful console ports of a massively multiplayer game ever. The game hit a milestone of four million registered players worldwide. It has consistently surpassed all reasonable expectations. 


The Final Fantasy XIV team faced a challenge not only in building and implementing these new classes, but also making sure that each plays differently from its counterparts. The Final Fantasy XIV version of guilds, will be able to build larger company-wide airships. More updates and info, view more at here.