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FFXIV's 37th Letter Was Hosted By Square Enix At This Weekend

Final Fantasy XIV‘s 37th Letter was hosted by Square Enix at this weekend, new information was revealed, the Naoki Yoshida, Global Community Producer and Art Director respectively answered questions from the game’s fans.



The developer team is adding a minimum amount of strength to newer tank accessories, due to some gamers have been complaints about the lack of strength built in to new tank gear. In addition, the team has held back a little the new Tenacity stat because it can be very powerful, and otherwise players would focus entirely on it to the detriment of other necessary tank stats. Since the game is more successful, gamers have greater passion for buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil & FFXIV Power Leveling.


The team is also considering changes to how Frontline works, including having the featured game mode switch once a week. At the same time, the team is considering adjustments to sprint, since the increased cooldown is inconvenient as players run between NPCs to perform quests. The team is considering how to bring players back to the areas where they fought the last boss of Stormblood during the main scenario questline. 


Eventually, the team is considering changes to Scholar and Astrologian so that two healers of the same job can see each other’s aetherflow status and cards. Adjustments will be made to healer classes in 4.05, including Scholar, Astrologian, White Mage, Black mage, Ninja as well as Machinist. Recommend keep a close eye on it to let you know more details, now go to website